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Audition: On the Keys April 26, 2005

Super Mario RPG - A Dangerless Road
Artist's Comments: I was trying for my tried and true piano waltz remix method, but something about the melody and chord structure wouldn't work at all, so I decided to go back to my Yanni/Jim Brickman type playing style, and it fit REALLY well.
mp3 General Submission classical
Final Fantasy VI - Seized with Fury
Artist's Comments: This is a large-scale orchestral rock arrangement of the Decisive Battle and Fierce Battle from Final Fantasy 6. The guitar takes the lead for the majority, but there is plenty of interplay between all the instruments. Epic was the word in mind while working on this.
mp3 General Submission modern

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is finally here. I've said for the last few weeks that I have something big coming, and I wasn't lieing. What I have for you is the grand daddy of all music competitions, the Splendid Performance Competition.

While you can get the full lowdown on this contest, I will give you a general idea here. Over the next 5 months, there will be four different preliminary "audition" phases. Each phase will have its own theme for the submissions to adhere to, a theme unveiled at the start of each phase. After the audition phases are all over, the top 3 artists in each category get invited back to the final 'main' stage, with a very unique theme of its own, and prizes of great value. This week kicks off the opening audition, which you can get the full details on here, although I hope you can begin to guess what the theme is by the title of this update.

Aside from the contest announcement, I have some exceptionally high quality work to bring to you this week. First up is one of the biggest names in piano remixing, the mighty Bladiator, giving us an interesting take of some Super Mario RPG. A nice and upbeat tune, beautifully performed (sequenced if I am correct, which definitely could have fooled me), great work by Bladiator who makes its seem just too easy. Coming up next is a truly epic piece of music from everyone's favorite game to remix, Final Fantasy VI. Housethegrate starts of with what appears to be a rather straightforward take on the boss theme, and then takes the listener on a wild ride through all styles and feels. Really great guitar work in this piece, among other things. I hope to see more music from both of these artists here on Sound Test in the future.

So there you have it. Great music, a grand contest announcement, and commentary from your lovable curator. What more could you possibly ask for? More submissions? Well, hopefully between regular submissions and contest entries, I will have plenty of great music to bring to you. Good luck to all those who decide to enter, as I eagerly await the first of the contest entries to hit my mailbox.

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