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I watch commercial sports events twice a year--three times if it's an Olympic year. UConn Huskies basketball games, and Red Sox games. The last three nights have made me a very happy fan of the Red Sox; and if tonight's game plays like it has been, I'll be celebrating with much inebriation.

On a particularly more serious note, I have an announcement to make concerning the future of Sound Test, which is to say that after mid-November, I will no longer be involved in its future. I've had the longest career as Sound Test curator, and while I would enjoy having the energy and the passion to continue my career, I will be leaving Sound Test by 10 Nov of this year, at the earliest. If the cliché be pardoned, my life recently has been an emotional rollercoaster, and opportunities have arisen that will help me establish myself in the music world. The amount of time I have to devote to these new obligations consumes too much of my otherwise free-time to be as effective as curator (however debatable my effectiveness is).

Basically, I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

So, a replacement is being sought! (Edit:) DO email me directly. The information for applying for the position can be found on the main page--use it! With some luck (and precise timing) my last update will be a transition update, meaning I'll be mentoring my replacement to handle the arduous task of writing an update, uploading the music, and so forth.

Enough about that. Chris Carroll makes his inaugural appearance to Sound Test with a solid metal remix of Cid's (FFVII) Theme for the Monthly Challenge. And Tom Plets makes a return with an interesting live performance of Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony; I'm interested to see how future productions will sound.

I'm getting distracted by the Sox/Yanks game. Sorry. I think I've said all I want to say this week.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Metal Cid's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Chris Carroll

My name is Chris Carroll and this is my tribute to Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it. :)

mp3 Classical Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony (Final Fantasy VII)
Tom Plets

This is my first attempt at a live recording! It was done with a midi-type keyboard and my drum set. Getting the recording to sound right was very difficult without some better equipment than just a microphone and a laptop! In spite of that, it turned out fairly well, and was very fun to play. I hope to do more recording like this in the future (with fewer mistakes!).

Credits: Drum (me), Keyboard (my brother Mark), Sound editor (me again).


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