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Cut-cut-cut-cut-cut   15 Sep 2004
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I'm trying to do this update with a sliced right pointer finger. You see, I'm an idiot and cut myself cleaning a knife someone left in the sink. It doesn't hurt, but damn, it's awkward.

In fact, because it's so awkward, I'm cutting my chatter down to bare bones (no pun intended, but that's a whopper of a pun. two in one clause!). Plus, this update is HUGE. And good. So there.

I know I said I'd re-do the 'Most Wanted' section, but because of my current inability to type without straining, I promise that for next time.

Keep it up, submission minions! We shall soon have enough to control the world!

...stop looking at me.

Edit (16 Sep 2004 11:30): Wow, I was sloppy this week. Fixed a big mistake in Sean Lute's remix information.

Edit (16 Sep 2004 12:40): Now I'm thinking I didn't save the file after I edited it the first time yesterday, since I clearly remember typing in the correct title of Justin's first submission. Either that, or I'm in need of help. It's fixed now.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Piano Birth of a God / Bizarro Sephiroth (mp3)
Birth of a God / Bizarro Sephiroth (MIDI) (Final Fantasy VII)
Andrew Grisafi

Arranged for Piano

IT Rock Underneath the Hardcore Pizza (Final Fantasy VII)
Ultra Ninja 64

This is my first submission to RPGamer, despite having visited for many years. Please excuse my use of the word "hardcore" in the title... I'm sorry to whomever it may offend. Please note that this song only plays correctly in Impulse Tracker. Please send me any feedback, as it may encourage me to send my older stuff in. Also, I have no idea if this is a remix of "Underneath the Rotting Pizza" or "On That Day, (However many) Years Ago", so don't be horrified if it's named incorectly, aheh... Thanks!

mp3 Rock Fighting Spirit (Tales of Phantasia)
Sean Lute

Sometimes called "Fighting of the Spirit" - I never played this game past the beginning stages so I don't know where the track is used. I think I may have originally found it in the sound test, so there you go. ;p

mp3 Rock The Hindmost Conflict (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)
Justin Quesenberry - website

Even though I felt Mystic Quest was a terrible game, I postively adored the soundtrack and always thought it was often overlooked. So I felt the urge to arrange a couple of the themes into a nice Hard Rock/Metalish song. I couldn't think of a good transition between the Doom Castle and Final Battle themes so I just took a line of Dark King's dialogue and said it into one of my mic's and then lowered the Pitch inside my Recording Program. I think it works.

mp3 Rock Yggdrasil Theme (Xenogears)
Justin Quesenberry - website

So, I go to Full Sail, for the Recording Arts Degree program. Last month one of my projects was to record something with my group (random people from my class). No one could think of anything and it went no where. Discouraged, my friend invited me to do his group's session so we tried to think of something to perform. Megaman, Final Fantasy.. we went through it all, but chose the Yggdrasil theme because aside from the Time Signature change, its pretty simple.

When I got there. We had to set up the session, mics, and then I had to teach everyone the song (only my friend had even played Xenogears, what a crime!) in 4 hours. Seems like enough time.. but there were disagreements over the drums and how we get from one section to the other and the Time Sig change kept throwing everyone off. But eventually we got through it all and got just barely over a minute of song. Kind of neat, I wouldn't mind doing a full blown arrangement in this style someday. Wish I hadn't miffed that one note near the end, but oh well.

Credit Info: Original Theme by Yasunori Mitsuda (aka god), arranged by Justin Quesenberry. Lead Guitar - Justin Quesenberry, Rhy. Guitar - Michael Schwartz, Bass - Michael Walsh, Drums - Michael Sanebrea (yes, three different Mike's).

mp3 Piano Counting the Stars
Da Yuan Apartment
Hanhui Teaches Kung-Fu
Xui Ying Childhood (Shenmue II)

[Shenhua] is the a jukebox remix of shenmue shenhua theme.

mp3 New Age BGM001 Sea Variation (Shenmue Online)

it's a remix of shenmue online BGM001


Most Wanted
   Awaiting revampification...


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