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Software Incompatibility June 15, 2005

Final Fantasy VII - Chinatown's Future
Artist's Comments: You have been warned; this was the first arrangement that I ever wrote for the videogame music remixing community. o_O The Sunday that came and went marked a year to the day of the unveiling of this light breakbeat incarnation of FFVII's "Wutai", possibly one of the few Final Fantasy tracks that I actually have a strong obsession for, so to speak. I think it's aged pretty well for what it was, although I'll let you be the judge on this one. Kupo?
mp3 General Submission trance
Matt Russo
Final Fantasy VI - Shades of Grey
Artist's Comments:This particular piece is the result of me sitting at a piano and being really bored. I didn't really bother with trying to map out the direction and just went with it. The result is this variety of variations on Shadow's Theme from Final Fantasy VI. Shadow goes through a lot of transitions, the finale being the most interesting. This was meant purely for fun, and I know that some will hate it, while others might just like it. Enjoy!
mp3 Staff Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Another week has come and gone, and I find my self buried in work. But such is the price I pay for a G5 mac. The only problem with updating technology is that software doesn't always keep up with the software. So when I went to mix and master my latest piece, I found I was unable to. Le sigh.

But unlike me, there were others who managed to create works of musical art, and I am here to bring them to you. First up we have the ever popular Rexy, who graces us with her first foray into the world of remixing, a piece which I feel has very much withstood the test of time. I wish I could look back upon my earlier work and have something that could even compare to this piece. Following Rexy's piece we have a staff submission from my Sound Test partner in crime, Barieuph. Barieuph brings us an interesting variety of takes on Shadow's theme from Final Fantasy VI. A very good piece with a very amusing finale, I commend Matt on a job well done using live performance, given the limiting factor of his microphone(hissing and overs).

Sadly, I have no contest entries to bring to you this week. Hopefully, everyone is just so engrossed in the process that no one has managed to finish up a piece yet. Which is just fine by me. Next week and the following should bring about more entries of both the general and contest persuation.

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