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Netherworld Vacation August 3, 2005

Rexy, KyleJCrb
Dragon Warrior IV - Requiem for a Warrior
Artist's Comments:Hi folks, Rexy here. I can't help but submit something to the site considering it was my birthday last Sunday. :) Anyway, this is a variation on Dragon Warrior 4's death music, as submitted to the Dwelling of Duels ( back in April. The whole thing was Kyle's idea, as were his guitar parts and performance style; meanwhile he left me in charge of the arrangement of the rest of the music, from the drums and bass... down to my singing voice (no lyrics however). There's an alternate production at VGMix if you want to pick that up too, so don't feel too guilty if you ain't too satisfied with this one. Thanks very much for your time, sirs and madames!
mp3 General Submission rock
Eli Dirkx
Final Fantasy IV - Final
Artist's Comments:The artist left no comments for this piece.
midi General Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Hey everyone. I have risen from the primordial ooze known as vacation to return here and deliver unto you: Music. For those of you wondering, I had a great time, although I didn't get half of the musical work I wanted to done. But that aside, Im back in the saddle at home, although I have Makai Kingdom sitting on my desk now, screaming for me to play it.

This week brings two non contest entries to the table. First off, the ever popular Rexy delivers a collaborative entry made by herself and KyleJCrb. A really excellent piece, I enjoy the creative motions in it, especially the vocal work. I love ambient vocal work. And I can't move on without saying happy birthday to Rexy. Glad you could make time to get music her for the loyal listeners. Our second submission is from Eli Dirkx, who left no comments to accompany his piece. A simple yet effective midi arrangement, it keeps the original feel while adding new life to it. My only issue is how abruptly it ends, leaving me hanging, waiting for a final cadence.

A good week for music this week, hopefully more goodness to come next week, of both the contest and non-contest variety. Hopefully everyone will be busily remixing, instead of trying to spend every waking moment in front of Makai Kingdom, like I will be. But what can I say, im a sucker for endless optional content and level grinding.

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