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Epic Loots August 10, 2005

Dark Cloud 2 - Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory (SP Mix)
Artist's Comments: A rock instrumental for Guitar, Korg Polysix Keyboard, Rhodes Mk2, and Drums. Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory supplied audio manipulation patches for Max/MSP for a most splendid performance. Nerv produced and is otherwise responsible. Please go easy on him, he knows not what he does.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission rock
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Flight of the Gerudo
Artist's Comments: Hi, I've decided to submit a track of mine for the 'Around the Square' competition, And i decided on tackling the famous 'Gerudo' theme from Ocarina of Time. The original is pretty well known and a very popular theme, and my remix is quite different from the original, I decided to generally make it a bit darker and more epic, maybe even apocalyptic? To put it simply - A lot of synth work and a unique organ, combined with rock kit drums and some trancey 4-4 drums aswell. Though it may be a bit different, i think its a strong showing from a creative standpoint, i also feel that its a really interesting take on the original material that one might not really expect.. I hope you all dig.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission techno
Keven Kelly
Quest for Glory II - Requiem for a Warrior
Artist's Comments: I took the main theme when you complete the quest for the Fruit of Passion from Julanar, and turned the 10 seconds it plays for into a 3:00 piece. Trouble is, I can't turn it into an mp3. So, what originally started as a contest submission quickly turned into a general submission. I hope you all enjoy this piece, it showcases one of my all-time favorite gaming series'. More will follow, I assure you.
midi General Submission rock
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Time's Anxiety
Artist's Comments: So who cares if I already subbed something last week? The matter of fact is that I have an audition piece and I'm not afraid to reveal it. ;) The source tune used here is Castlevania: CotM's Clock Tower theme, and it's here that I went all out on developing a six minute epic filled with as much darkness (obviously), expressive work and theme manipulation as I could cram in. Special thanks go to GrayLightning at OverClocked Remix for the MP3 render.
mp3 Splendid Performance Submission rock

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Yeah, this week I found that both my World of Warcraft warlock and my inbox weere swimming in epic loots. For my warlock, it was epic armor that makes me look "Pimptastic." For my inbox, it was a bounty of submissions. In fact, I stopped downloading them after I hit four on sunday night. So, for the first time in a long time I have a legitimate...backlog. Of course, with next week bringing the deadline for Round three of Splendid Performance, I am hoping for even more submissions. My goal is that I provide at least 4 submissions each week. Right now, things are looking up for that. Lets continue this trend.

This week, our submitters have brought their best, with three contest entries and one midi. Leading off we have Nerv, who brings us a very relaxing mix from poorly underrepresented Dark Cloud 2. Following that, k-wix steps up with a kickin' techno/electronica Zelda remix of the famous gerudo theme from Ocarina of Time. The third contest entry is from the ever present Rexy, who takes her 3rd stab at the contest. Representing for the Game Boy Advance, Rexy remixes a tune from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. All these entries are solid and I look forward to seeing what all the judges come up with.

The last entry this week is from Kevin Kelly, who submits a MIDI mix from Quest for Glory 2. This mix was a real blast from the past, seeing as this game was released in 1991. While Kevin intended his mix to be a contest entry, he ran into a problem when it came to getting out a mp3. While I am not sure what the problem was exactly, I recommend that Kevin looks to the community for help with a mp3 render. I know Rexy has been getting assistance with renders while she is away from school (as noted in her comments). So what I would like is for anyone who has some good software to maybe lend Kevin a hand. Post in on the forums here and maybe we can help make his MIDI into a contest entry.

With all that, I bet you're tired. This was definitely an action-packed week for sound test, one of many to come, I hope. Remember, midnight monday is the deadline for round three submissions, so get to work on finishing a piece if you are in the works (or haven't even started yet).

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