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Originality Sept 6, 2005

Gavin Fulmer
A Darkened Fairy Tale - When the Beholders Came
A Darkened Fairy Tale and Ultaris - Vertigo
Artist's Comments: Hello. My name is Gavin McMillan Fulmer and I head the development for a RPG known as A Darkened Fairy Tale. My company, GF Studios, LLC, is a relatively new company that has specialized in soundtrack development for several years. This is our first game that we are developing ourselves. To give you a little info about the RPG, we are developing the massive soundtrack, story, screenplay and design document first. We are doing this WELL in advance before coding begins. Currently, neither a release date nor a target platform is available; however, the intention is for the game to be released on a console, not for PC.

The First piece here is the prologue to A Darkened Fairy Tale. The Second piece was requested to be used in the massive, multi-player online RPG called Ultiaris. The piece is actually from A Darkened Fairy Tale and is a psych-evaluation on one of the primary characters in the story. This character is a sociopath and the piece clearly hints at this.

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> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, it a very interesting week this week. When I checked my inbox today, I found a lack or remixes, which made me very sad. A sad sad Beastmage. But, I did find something different. I had some original music, written specifically for an RPG in development, in my inbox, from the composer himself.

This is the first time, to my knowledge, Sound Test has featured original compositions for an RPG in development. However, I feel that given the quality of the work, and the fact that it was developed prior to the beginning of the game's actual coding, it's definitely worth sharing with the public. I very much hope everyone enjoys these pieces, and I know I look forward to hearing them, and more, in games down the line.

Before I go, I must mention that the first week of the contest has come and gone and I haven't received any submissions. Just want to give all the potential remixers a quick poke to get to work on it. A friendly poke, but a poke none the less.

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