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Back in the Swing Sept 13, 2005

Xenogears - One Who Bares Fangsat God
Artist's Comments:This is my favourite track from Xenogears, and probably my favourite Mitsuda tune. I'd like to dedicate this to TSSF, as I never would've started tracking if not for his influence. I hope you like it, Mat. Credit for the samples goes to Audigy, and myself, for tuning and looping them. Like most mods, this one is not Winamp-friendly.
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Matt Russo
Xenosaga II - Febronia
Artist's Comments:You all remember this piece. I have pdf and jpg formats for some of you that prefer certain files. Whatever floats your boat. It may not be that pretty, but it's the best finale can do. I hope you enjoy playing it, It can be kinda hairy at times.
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> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Well, its official for just about everyone I know. School is back in session. Be it high school or college or otherwise, the time that we, as a community, have to dedicate to the playing of games and the writing of music as been infringed upon. I feel that we have taken this to lightly over the years and we need not stand for it any longer. We must all rise as one and unite as a single voice that yells, "Im mad as hell, and I don't have to take it anymore". For the proletariat.

Ok, so maybe I'm insane, but I felt like I should share my dream with you. Anyway, it does hold some ground pertaining to this week, another slow week in the world of RPG music. Although its slow, that doesn't mean its no good. On the contrary, we have some treats in hand for the faithful listener.

First up to the plate this week is Salivator with a old school style submission. Rather then just an MP3, he has taken a step back to the earlier days of tracking and brought us a mod file from Xenogears. I must say that while I was never really into the tracking scene, this mod certainly has quite a bit of charm. Following up Salivator is our very own Matt 'Barieuph' Russo. Matt brings us his Febronia for piano once more, this time in sheet music form. Print it out and play along.

With all that said, and my imaginary revolution a failure, Im hoping to see a nice bounty of submissions for next week, both of the contest and non-contest variety. And now, I put you in the capable hands of my cohort in musical crime, Barieuph, who has some interesting news for you.

barieuph: Hey everybody. It's time for another Sound Test first. We at RPGamer are always trying to get the readers more involved and offer new and exciting things. That's why we bring you our latest innovation from the Wonka Factory! The Sound Seminar. We're going to bounce this idea around you guys, but basically the plan is that biweekly, the readers can come to us at a set time and date in our residence on IRC, #operahouse, and we'll listen to your works in progress, new pieces, old flames and whatnot, all in comfortable master class setting. You don't have to bring anything to the seminar, your feedback is always welcome, but we do enjoy your input.

The idea is that, some readers don't finish a remix because they are confused or lost of what to do, or need a little help getting it rendered, or they plain think it's not "good." Come to the seminar and we'll get you started, keep you going, and provide positive and constructive feedback to help you along your way. Not to mention you get to hang out with two of the best staff here. So come along it's sure to be a great time!

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