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Fresh Baked Goodness Novemeber, 15 2005

Dustin Naegel
Baldur's Gate - Safe in Beregost
Artist's Comments:'Ive transcribed and arranged a midi of a popular rpg game for piano solo some years ago. This piece is an arrangement is the beautiful town music from Baldur's Gate, which is played in Beregost.
Orchestral General Submission midi
Final Fantasy VI - Kefka
Artist's Comments: This is a remix of the original Kefka song found in Final Fantasy III (FF6 in Japan). I transposed the original piano and flute movements, mixed them and also wrote new sections to add on to the original; wrote the additional parts for all the added instruments in the remix.
trance General Submission mp3

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

Oh happy days. We have fresh submissions, cooked recently and conserved via my inbox. They are excellent, so I recommend giving them a whirl.

First up we have an piano solo mix from Baulders Gate from Dustin Naegel. While it is not a fully fleshed out MP3, it sounds quite nice as a MIDI. Our second submission this week was almost buried under junk mail, but luckily I saved it from the toss pile. It is a nice thumping Final Fantasy VI trance remix. Definitely a good listen.

A quick reminder to all contest finalists: Only 6 days until the deadline! So make sure to get your work in. I would hate for anyone to get something in late and it end up not counting. With that said, next week should be a very fulfilling update drenched in contest submissions, so be sure to stop in and check it out.

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