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Ice 3! Ice 3! Numb! December 6, 2005

Chrono Cross - Where the Force Stood Still
Artist's Comments:When going through my mailbox this week, I saw someone requested some sheet music for my piano arrangement of Frozen Flame. I actually had it ready to publish at the end of May, but never got round to doing so until now. Nonetheless, here's my first RPGamer submission revisited, with the notation zipped up in BMP (monochrome) format. If you want to play this, I'm not holding you back ;)
sheet General Submission piano
Matt 'barieuph' Russo
Final Fantasy VI - Atop of the Gathering Place - Sheet Music
Artist's Comments:I finally went through and got some new software here, so I've started playing around with new sounds and such. The result of which is an mp3 render of Atop the Gathering Place, that was submitted a few weeks ago. This was done through my new version of Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra that my music school has made me purchase. What better way to test out how Finale is getting into the digital music scene (versus, staying with just notation) than to work on something for RPGamer? Included is the PDF sheet music. As for Finale? It's not too shabby, but next week we'll try listening to something through Reason. Stay tuned!
mp3 Staff Submission piano

> A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a song speaks novels.

The weather outside is frightful. Anyone in the Northeast can attest to how temperatures have been high, then frigid, and rainy, then snowy. Last week we had temperatures in the low 60s. Today we had a high of 33. Normally weather like this is fine for me, but ever since I cut off my long locks, my face and ears can't handle the cold. I asked for a scarf and hat for christmas though, so only a few more weeks until cozy warmth.

This week marks the first week of ordinary updates since Splendid Performance's close. Congratulations again to all of the contestants and a job well done. Special congratulations to Rexy who this week doesn't stop giving this week as she sends in the sheet music to her rendition of Frozen Flame from Mitsuda's masterful Chrono Cross soundtrack. Also, from yours truly, is an arrangement of Relm and Ultros' themes from Final Fantasy VI for piano, freshly rendered in Finale 2006 with sheet music. Both are great pieces that deserve a place on your ipod, in your winamp playlist or sitting there on your desktop to launch with good old fashioned Media Player.

That about wraps up Sound Test for this week. Coming to Sound Test are some new features to make the section better for all of the readers. Future plans include, the sound seminar being alluded to in prior updates, and the return of Soundtrack reviews. There are a few more logistical aspects of the projects to be worked out, but look forward to these additions before the holidays.

To end this week I would like to ask all for the readers to check out the message boards. I'm hosting a vote to see if there is still interest in our sound seminar. As mentioned before, the sound seminar is a work-in-progress group where readers and staff can get together and bring anything they are working on, and those in the channel will review the work, and provide feedback. Here's where we need your help. Is there enough readership and interest for our idea to work? As musicians our schedules are always changing, so the dates for sound seminar will be variable on a bi-weekly basis. I will try to have a schedule for next week. That being said, please visit the forum poll.

Whew, with that being said I'm going to sign off and crawl into a blanket and study my overtone series in relation to the trombone. Until next week, happy composing!

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