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Bang, Boom, Kaboom! July 19, 2006

Justin Quesenberry
Final Fantasy VII - Don Corneo I am Ready to Fight
Artist's Notes: One of my co-workers commissioned me to cover/arrange 2 of the battle themes from FF7. The cost to him? Two meals from Subway. Anyways, this is the second one I did.
metal General Submission mp3
Matt Russo
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Froggystyle
Artist's Notes: I love Super Mario RPG! One of my favorite tunes was where you meet Mallow's "grandfather". It's simple, fun, got a little techo-eyish feeling and filled with Froggy goodness. So enjoy!
funk Staff Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Not just one of my favorite spell lines ever, but also what I heard all last night. A wicked lightning storm rocked my area and for some reason, hearing and feeling the massive power of the thunder made me think the Dragon Quest spells. I guess I'm just a really big geek. Or maybe I was just bored with the power out in my house. Really sucks when it goes out during the final boss encounter of a World of Warcraft dungeon.

Anyhow, lets get down to business. A double remix week, we have Justin "Master Hatchet" Quesenberry starting off with the 2nd remix in a pair of Final Fantasy 7 remixes he sent a few weeks ago. Following that up we have a Super Mario RPG remix from our own Barieuph. Both mixes are very good listens, well put together.

With this week's update, the backlog has run dry. It's time to get to work replenishing it. Lets see if we can have a all reader submission week, as it has been a while since we've seen one of those. Until next week, enjoy the sounds.

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