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Flat Tire July 5, 2006

Elliot Guisinger
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Soundtrack Review
Reviewer's Notes:  The Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Music Soundtrack accomplishes many things. For one, being the soundtrack to a remade classic awards the CD many nostalgia points. The album does a great job of retaining the original Lunar feel by leaving many tracks unchanged, all the while freshening up the scene for a new generation of gamers by arranging some of the other tracks.
review Staff Soundtrack Review review
Michael Cunningham
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan - OST Review
Reviewer's Notes: As gamers get another FFXI expansion, Mizuda fans get another OST. How does Final Fantasy XI's fourth soundtrack stack up to the rest? Come find out as we explore the music of Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urghan.
review Staff Soundtrack Review review
Matt Russo
Illusion of Gaia - The Place I Long to Be
Artist's Notes: Well I was sitting at the piano and I started to play Pachabel's Canon. All of a sudden I found myself playing the South Cape theme from Illusion of Gaia. The rest flowed pretty easily. I also bring in a little Itory Village during the middle section. All in all this is more of an update than a remix, not too much new content, but still fun to listen to anyway. Oh yeah, the aim was to get it to sound as shmaltzy as Ragnorok Online music, I hope I succeeded. Enjoy!
classical Staff Submission mp3
Dragon Quest VIII - The Grief Within Trodain
Artist's Notes: This track was among one of the last piano arrangements that I wrote before going home for the Summer, covering "These Feelings" from Dragon Quest VIII. Much unlike the boss chiptune from a couple of months back, this fits more as a proper exploration of the theme fitting some of my trademark piano performances. I don't even know what much else to say about this piece, so I'll let the notation do the talking.
piano General Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

I have returned from, um, that place I was that wasn't here. Sorry for leaving you guys high and dry the last two weeks, some things arose that dragged me away from my usual routine that couldn't be avoided. Anyhow, I thank Barieuph for covering last week, and promise to avoid any such similar situations in the future.

As penance for my absence I bring you a supersized update. A staggering four submissions for this week and even more hiding in my mailbox, my thanks to everyone for sending in. Starting things off, we have a pair of reviews from my staff cohorts Carlisle and Macstorm, reviewing Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. Following that up, barieuph brings us a remix from the often forgotten Illusion of Gaia. Lastly, Rexy chimes in on the nearly all staff week with a beautiful piano arrangement of "These Feelings" from Dragon Quest VIII.

An awesome update if I do say so myself, hopefully you all think so as well. I shall return next week with more reviews and music. Until then, avoid getting flat tires. Such a pain to take care of when you are in a rush. Oh yea, and be sure to send in submissions.

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