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Hot in Topeka May 30, 2006

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Dark Toccata
Artist's Notes:This is a remix I did featuring the final boss music and the regular boss music from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, a game that many overlooked because of its lack of difficulty, definitely had a great soundtrack.  This is about half cover and half rearrangement, with some sections relatively true to the original, and others straying somewhat.  I wasn't sure where I wanted to take this when I first started it, but after finishing it and going back and making numerous edits, I finally feel that it's in its true completed form.
mp3 General Submission 8bit
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Fallen Endowment
Artist's Notes:First of all, apologies for the MIDI; I would have done a proper render before leaving college campus for the summer but time was too short. Anyway, this submission holds an arrangement of the Gerudo Valley theme from Zelda 64. But it's not just any incarnation of said theme; it's my attempt at translating "Falling Back" - Darangen's arrangement of that song - into solo piano. I sent this over to him as a little birthday gift, because I know for sure that in the time we've been floating around the community, he has shown himself to be bar none the most supportive "VGMix-er" I have known. Thanks again, and cheers ;)
mp3 General Submission 8bit

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend, which means that the weather became inhumanly warm; at least for those of us in the New Jersey area. Amazing to watch the temperature go from 50-60s to above 90 in just a week's time. What's that have to do with Topeka? Well, nothing, but you should watch Foster's Home more often.

Enough about the weather. This week is a bounty of music submissions. First off we have Chronodin submitting a upbeat remix from the often ignored Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I really enjoyed this mix, had a very "early Mega Man" feel in the middle of the piece, but that could be just me. Hopefully we will see more work from Chronodin in the near future. Following up that we have Rexy coming back with a remix of a remix, a tribute to Darangen, another heavy submitter here and across the whole remix community. A very nice birthday gift, I would feel quite flattered to be in Michael's shoes right now.

Since this is the last update for the month I was hoping I would have had some exciting news to bring you, but alas I don't. Maybe June will bring some new contest excitement to Sound Test. I can't say for sure, you'll just have to hang out and wait to find out.

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