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Inspiration May 2, 2006

Dragon Warrior VIII - Famicom Royale
Artist's Notes:All these tests and coursework deadlines coming showed a painful aftermath to my Easter break conclusion, which mainly had me playing through Dragon Quest VIII after many months of wait. Some of the time that I had between study periods was spent doing music (of course), and after messing around with the synth modulators I crafted some sounds that came close to emulating an NES chip. Thus, the battle musics for DQVIII have been piped in here for your own 8-bit amusement. I understand some people may say "this sounds like the symphonic suite version", but for me it was something to help stop mixing up my PHPs with my Javascripts :P I hope you like it nonetheless.
mp3 General Submission 8bit
Final Fantasy IV - The Lunar Frequency
Artist's Notes:Well, I have been lurking at RPGamer ever since it first existed and I can't believe the last time I submitted a piece of music was...nine years ago!?  Whoa.  (The piece in question is the Black Omen MIDI sequence in the Chrono Trigger section.)  Now I am finally back with this ambient arrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's "The Lunarians", one of my all-time favorite works of his.  My aim was not to re-create the piece entirely but to enhance it; therefore this remix is somewhat conservative.  Still, that didn't stop me from applying some electronic tricks, adding a middle section, and emphasizing the pulsating pedal tone in an attempt to maximize the  potential contained within the composition.
mp3 General Submission 8bit

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Back from beyond, it is I, the Beast of Red Mages... or Mage of Red Beasts? Who knows. Anyhow, the fact is I'm back and super psyched to have some submissions in my mailbox, a welcome relief from the long drought of April. I thought April was supposed to be all showers?

First up is Sound Test's most frequent submitter, Rexy, with what I would refer to as an antiquing of a relatively new track with her Famicom Royale. In opposition to the standard remix practice of taking an old out of date 8-bit tune and fully realizing it with modern audio, Rexy has taken themes from the latest iteration of the Dragon Quest series and made them sound as though they fit right along with tunes from the original game on NES. Best of all, it's just a blast to listen to, since it harkens back to my childhood days spent unable to read and trying to play Dragon Warrior 2. Following Rexy up, we have long time listener Lontas submitting his first work in, what, nine years? Stunning. Anyhow, a more traditional mix Lontas brings to the table, giving a nice facelift and touch-up to the Lunarian's theme from Final Fantasy IV. Man, it's just nostalgia day for me.

That's all for this week. I'm saving my energy for the onslaught that is next week. Between E3 coverage and finals week at school, the core of my soul may actually melt.

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