Kingdom Hearts - News
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
· Square-Enix Unites 2.5 Million Hearts With Sequel 04.27.2006  
· New Surprises Coming for Kingdom Hearts Fans 03.27.2006  
· Video Games Live Concert Goes Global 09.13.2005  
·Square Enix and Disney Predict Kingdom Hearts' Auspicious Future 03.17.2004  
·Square Enix Ponders Sequels 05.07.2003  
·Sora Goes Down Under, Expenses Paid 02.12.2003  
·Kingdom Heats Sells One Million Units in North America 12.27.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts European Launch Promotion 12.12.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts European Release Date; Web Site Opens 11.12.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Released 09.18.2002  
·Tentative European Kingdom Hearts Release Date Revealed 09.13.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Unveiled 08.26.2002  
·Square Officially Announces Kingdom Hearts Theme 08.22.2002  
·Square Continues Tradition At PlayStation Store 08.14.2002  
·Square and Disney to Conduct Kingdom Hearts Auction 08.07.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts North American Release Date Set 08.05.2002  
·Hikaru Finally Gets To Sing English Version of Hikari 07.16.2002  
·Import Tidbits 06.20.2002  
·Voice Actors for Kingdom Hearts Announced 05.14.2002  
·Re-Introducing: Import Tidbits 05.08.2002  
·Square and Disney Team Up To Waste Some More Plastic 05.07.2002  
·Square Debuts English Kingdom Hearts Website, Contest 04.01.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Details 03.24.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Tidbits 03.22.2002  
·Sora Has a Nightmare Before Christmas 03.17.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Squeezes in Another Disney Property 02.25.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Goes Pop 01.10.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Release Details 01.08.2002  
·Kingdom Hearts Japanese Release Date 12.16.2001  
·Colorful Cast Grows and Grows 11.17.2001  
·Me Tarzan, You Sora? 10.31.2001  
·More Kingdom Hearts Characters Revealed 10.28.2001  
·More Kingdom Hearts Zaniness 10.05.2001  
·Kingdom Hearts Invaded by Final Fantasy Stars 09.18.2001  
·E3: Square and Disney Interactive Unveil Kingdom Hearts 05.17.2001  
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