Square Officially Announces Kingdom Hearts Theme

Coinciding with earlier reports, Square's upcoming Kingdom Hearts will feature a theme song sung by Japanese pop sensation Utada Hikaru. Entitled Simple and Clean, the piece is an English adaptation of the Japanese release Hikari, which means light. Hikaru was released as a single in March in Japan, and has proceeded to sell more than 860,000 copies.

"Utada is the only artist I envisioned singing the theme song for Kingdom Hearts," said the game's director, Tetsuya Nomura, who also provided character design for KH. "Her music has moved millions of fans, and I was absolutely thrilled when she agreed to contribute to this project. I see her as an icon for young artists and she also proves that music transcends national and language barriers."

Nomura is referring to the song's lyrics, written by Utada herself. Inspired by the worlds and characters of Kingdom Hearts, the dynamic lyrics retain their emotional power in the translation, and are sure to make the world of Kingdom Hearts that much more immersive.

Fans will be able to hear the song and play the game when it ships nationwide on September 17. There will also be a Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day in San Francisco at the PlayStation store on August 23, which will give gamers a chance to play the title for the first time. Kingdom Hearts carries a suggested retail price of $50.00 US.

by Andrew Long    
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