Hikaru Finally Gets To Sing English Version of Hikari

The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts' theme song, "Hikari" was released this March in Japan, rapidly achieving hit status and eclipsing sales of the game itself. Unfortunately, the English version of the song was thrown into doubt when the vocalist Utada Hikaru fell ill. Happily, she has now recovered from her surgery, which was to remove a tumor from her ovaries, and has announced today that "Hikari", called "Light" in its English form, has been recorded. This is good news for gamers in Europe and North America, as the song's status was previously in limbo while Ms. Hikaru recuperated.

Kingdom Hearts is a strange crossover effort put together by Square and Disney which features such oddities as a summon spell for Dumbo and the lead character using a key as his weapon. Currently, the game is slated for release here in November, title song and all.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [Gamefront]
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