Colorful Cast Grows and Grows
Kingdom Hearts

Another set of cameos has been added to what is surely one of the more interesting casts in console role-playing history. Kingdom Hearts, the adventurous collaboration between media giant Disney and famed game developer Square, features a variety of trademarked characters and places from the repertoires of both companies. Now joining the fray are a Laguna-looking Squall, reunited with Final Fantasy VIII game-mate Selphie, and Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie, once again teamed with her game's incarnation of the Final Fantasy series mainstay, Cid. No word has been given as to whether or not these characters are playable.

In addition to character announcements, game world details have also been revealed. Travelling the world in their "Gummy Ship," the player will visit such exotic venues as the lands found in Disney classics "Hercules" and "Alice in Wonderland." Dynamically following suit, battles taking place in separate locales will not be limited to fighting the Heartless, but feature enemies associated with the various places. For screens associated with these announcements visit our latest Kingdom Hearts Media Update.

by Michael Harnest    
Source: [The MadMan's Cafe]
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