Me Tarzan, You Sora?

Disney and Square's Kingdom Hearts has scored another handful of characters, and this time the additions are from the cartoon giant's storehouse. Tarzan, as well as his friends Jane, Clayton, Kerchak, Kala, and Terk, the last three of which are monkeys. The characters will inhabit the game's Deep Jungle area, where Cid's weapon shop will also be located. Tarzan and friends will join the hero Sora on his quest to defeat Heartless, whose spells have given him control over the jungle's apes. Heartless uses his control to force the apes to attack both Sora and Tarzan.

The question of which Cid will be used in the game has also been answered: it will be the Final Fantasy VII airship pilot Cid Highwind. Highwind is 42 in the game, somewhat older than he was in FFVII, and seems to Sora to have been a skilled fighter when he was younger. It has yet to be revealed if Highwind will be a playable character.

KH is shaping up to be one of the stranger RPGs in recent memory, and it remains to be seen whether the unlikely combination of Square's and Disney's characters will create a cohesive storyline. Japanese gamers will get their chance to find out in a little over a month, when the game is set to be released in Japan.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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