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The idea of Square and Disney teaming up to make an RPG seems ludicrous, yet oddly enticing. We have some more details for Kingdom Hearts, and they live up to the wacky imagery that is no doubt bouncing around in everyone's skulls already. The game is set in two different locales: Disney Castle, where, predictably, all the Disney folks dwell, and Destiny Islands, home to the trio of Square-bred main characters.

Battles are shaping up to be rather simplistic in nature, with the player only controlling a single party member while the CPU is left to guide the rest. One aspect that battle-haters will enjoy is that encounters are non-random. But with the kooky nature of the battles, who would want to avoid them? The characters have the usual Magic, Attack and Item options in battle, and are also able to summon, as has been a staple in RPGs for a while now. But instead of monsters, Disney characters are summoned; Sora, for example, is able to summon Dumbo.

The story is centered on the one character who is most noticeable by his absence, Mickey. The Mouse serves as king of Disney Castle, but he has gone missing, and it's up to Queen Minnie, Goofy the Knight and Donald Duck the Magician to find him. This is where the Destiny Islands come into play, as Sora seems to have an integral part to play in finding the missing King. As was reported previously, recent Final Fantasy stars Wakka, Selphie and Tidus make an appearance as well, though the extent of their involvement is currently unknown.

Kingdom Hearts is looking to be more than a shameless smooshing together of company mascots, and though it may seem basic right now, the mere zaniness of the concept is sure to draw a large audience. Look for more info as the December Japanese launch draws ever nearer.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Magic Box]
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