Kingdom Hearts Released

Kingdom Hearts, the eagerly awaited result of the Disney and Squaresoft collaboration, has shipped Tuesday to retailers. The game, hailed as a mix of RPG and adventure gaming elements, creating a pleasing mix of Square's trademark luxuriously detailed worlds of wonder and Disney's well-known playful and colorful characters. The game, appropriate for gamers of any age and priced at $49.99, can be found at most major gaming retailers.

Kingdom Hearts immerses gamers in nostalgia from their youth; familiar worlds and characters come to life in a new gaming experience that promises to be one of this autumn's big hits. Players will stumble upon Goofy and Donald of Disney fame, and more contemporary characters, such as Yuffie and Aeris out of Final Fantasy VII. For more information on Kingdom Hearts, our recent review can be found here.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
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