Square Continues Tradition At PlayStation Store

August 23 will be a busy day at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco, as Square has set up another event prior to the release of one of its titles. This time, the lucky game is Kingdom Hearts, which will be the centerpiece of the Kingdom Hearts Consumer Demo Day, as the event is officially being called. The name is fairly self-explanatory; the PlayStation Store will throw open its doors to customers at 2:00 PM, and from then until 6:00 PM, gamers and press alike will get the chance to play some of Kingdom Hearts.

To sweeten the deal, the store will be giving away posters on a first-come, first-serve basis, and as previous events have drawn up to 1500 fans, hardcore fans of Square products might want to show up early to secure their propaganda piece. For those in the San Francisco area, the store is at 101 Fourth Street, at the corner of Fourth and Mission. On the downside, the game will not be available for sale, so those looking forward to the adventures of Sora and friends will have to wait like everyone else until September 17.

by Andrew Long    
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