Final Fantasy IV - News
· Final Fantasy IV on Virtual Console 03.10.2010  
· Final Fantasy IV Advance Ships 12.12.2005  
· Final Fantasy IV Advance Sites Open, Update 12.08.2005  
· New Final Fantasy IV Advance Details Arise 11.12.2005  
·Final Fantasy IV Gets a Rewrite 11.04.2005  
· Final Fantasy IV Advances Some Changes 10.18.2005  
· Final Fantasy IV Advance Site, Faceplate Unveiled 10.03.2005  
· More Details on Final Fantasy IV GBA Emerge 09.30.2005  
· Final Fantasy IV Warps to the Game Boy Advance 09.14.2005  
·Square Enix Polls Customers on Potential DS Ports 07.28.2004  
·Potential Majestic Mix Album Needs Your Support 02.07.2003  
·Final Fantasy IV and V European Release Tidbits 04.04.2002  
·Final Fantasy IV and V Find Their Way to Europe 03.28.2002  
·Final Fantasy IV WonderSwan Color Details 02.23.2002  
·Final Fantasy IV Goes Handheld 10.14.2001  
·Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger Soundtracks En Route to North America 07.31.2001  
·Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.2001  
·Classic Square Titles to be Ported to the PlayStation? 12.19.2000  
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