Final Fantasy IV WonderSwan Color Details
Final Fantasy IV

As Square continues to pump out remakes for its Masterpiece Collection, details about the new version of Final Fantasy IV have begun to arise. The game, originally released for the Super Famicom in 1991, has been touched up graphically for its re-release on the WonderSwan Color. Towns, battle backgrounds and dungeons have all been improved to fit a more modern 2D graphic style.

Besides the graphical changes, Final Fantasy IV remains relatively untouched; the story, gameplay and battle system closely emulate the original Super Famicom and PlayStation versions of the game.

Final Fantasy IV is slated for release in Japan on March 28th, 2002, and will retail at 5200 yen ($38.79 USD). A North American release is unlikely, as the game is exclusively available for Bandai's Japanese-only WonderSwan Color portable system. Check out our game coverage for screen shots and artwork of this new version of Final Fantasy IV.

by Joseph Witham    
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