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Final Fantasy IV Gets a Rewrite


Final Fantasy IV Advance

The first English screens of Final Fantasy IV Advance have surfaced, and they show off the game's upgraded visuals compared to the PlayStation and Super Nintendo versions of the game. As previously reported, Final Fantasy IV Advance's graphics have received an overhaul, and the screenshots demonstrate upgraded backgrounds, sprites, spell effects, and character portraits.

The English screenshots also confirm one new detail about the title: the game is being retranslated and rewritten for its North American release. The lines of dialogue shown in the screens deviate from the scripts of each of the prior North American releases of Final Fantasy IV. Additionally, Final Fantasy IV Advance will incorporate the spell names that have been used in North American Final Fantasy games starting with Final Fantasy VIII. Gone is Fire 2, replaced with Fira, and done away with is Fire 3, with Firaga taking its place. Character names haven't been made immune in the retranslation, as Earth Fiend Milon will this time around be known by his Japanese name, Scarmiglion.

Final Fantasy IV Advance will be released to North American retailers on December 12, while Japan will be receiving the game several days later on December 15. The game will be followed up in 2006 by Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy VI Advance.

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Final Fantasy IV Advance
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