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Final Fantasy IV Advances Some Changes


Final Fantasy IV Advance

In replacing the game's teaser page with a fully outfitted official website, Square Enix has unveiled the changes that are coming to its Game Boy Advance port of Final Fantasy IV. In addition to the already announced upgrades over the previous versions of the game, such as a graphical enhancement and character portraits being added to speech boxes, Final Fantasy IV Advance will also contain a few surprises.

Similar to Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, Final Fantasy IV Advance will feature a new bonus dungeon unique to the GBA version. The other big addition is the ability to pick a battle party for the game's final dungeon. Veterans of Final Fantasy IV will likely recall the assemblage of characters in the game's final chapter, but in Final Fantasy IV Advance, players will be able to make use of them. The site shows off this change with a screenshot of Cid and Edward in the final party.

Final Fantasy IV Advance will be released in North America on December 12 and in Japan on December 15, and the game will be followed in 2006 by Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy VI Advance.

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Final Fantasy IV Advance
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