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Final Fantasy IV GBA Site, Faceplate Unveiled


Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix has opened up the Japanese-flavored site for its newest Final Fantasy port, Final Fantasy IV for the Game Boy Advance. Check out the site for yourself by clicking here.

The site doesn't offer up much in regards to new information. At the present, it's just a teaser site featuring a short flash movie. It does, however, unveil that a Final Fantasy IV-themed faceplate, featuring art by renowned old school Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, will be available for those who own a Game Boy Micro.

Currently, it's unknown whether the Game Boy Micro faceplate will be a promotion only available in Japan, or if it will be available in North America as well. Final Fantasy IV for the GBA is definitely coming to North America on December 12, with its Japanese release date still up in the air.

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Final Fantasy IV
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