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To the Well! October 17, 2006

Secret of Evermore - A Whisper and a Shadow
Artist's Notes: A short remix of Halls of Collosia I did for the People's Remix Competition 16 over on OCR. This mix won first place. The original has a really cool 7/4 vibe to it, so I brought that out with some 2-2-2-2-3-3 subdivisions. The melody in the original was also very offbeat, so I reworked it to be catchier and stronger melodically. Enjoy. ^_^
new age Retro Submission (5/26/04) mp3
Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Chrono Trigger - A Frog in the Park
Tin MP3 or Grassy MP3
Composer's Notes:This is the final of SNES Classics Ringtone series. There are two flavors this time, both in MP3 format for now. Frog's theme is one of my favorites, but rather than have it in a traditional fanfare fashion, I opted for a more easygoing style. The flavors are based on how loud you need the ringer to be. Tin is a little more crass in the bass which is easier to hear from a long distance, while Grassy is simply for your own pleasure. Enjoy!
techno Retro Cellphone Submission (4/25/06) mp3
Chrono Cross - Where Force Stood Still
Artist's Notes: When going through my mailbox this week, I saw someone requested some sheet music for my piano arrangement of Frozen Flame. I actually had it ready to publish at the end of May, but never got round to doing so until now. Nonetheless, here's my first RPGamer submission revisited, with the notation zipped up in BMP (monochrome) format. If you want to play this, I'm not holding you back ;).
sheet Retro Submission (12/6/05) zip
Elliot Guisinger
Final Fantasy - Pray Review
Reviewer's Notes: inal Fantasy Pray is the first CD of a two-part Squaresoft Vocal Collection. This album is a series of ten musical arrangements of select songs from the soundtracks of Final Fantasy I through VI. All of the arrangements are vocalized using a multicultural array of voices.
review Retro Soundtrack Review (6/13/06) review

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Another week has come and gone, and my mailbox remains empty. But fear not, I wouldn't leave you empty handed. I've gone to the well of Sound Test updates past, to pull out a wide variety of submission types for your enjoyment.

Rather then just randomly pick something from the past, I decided to try to represent all the different formats for submission that we accept here. First off is a remix submitted by the amazing Darkesword back in May '04. This mix is from the far too often ignored Secret of Evermore. Following that up we have a pair of styled cell phone ringers from Sound Test's own Matt 'Barieuph' Russo. If you missed them the first time around, be sure to grab them now. After that, we move to the visual realm, with sheet music for Rexy's "Where the Force Stood Still." This is one of her oldest submissions to the site, but definitely a favorite of mine. Lastly, rounding out the bunch, we have a soundtrack review of the Final Fantasy Pray album done by the resident soundtrack reviewer Carlisle.

With this big update, I'm hoping I'll be able to start a trend and bring this size load of music to the table every week. But I don't want to keep going back to the archive for submissions, so please be sure to get to your nearest e-mailbox and send some submissions my way.

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