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Queue October 11, 2006

Dragon Avenger
Final Fantasy X - Summoner's Love
Artist's Notes: Another vocal mix by myself and efields (formally known as georgasmaster); this one covers the melody of Besaid Island from Final Fantasy X. I asked efields to take the melody twice as fast, and to make it as "pop" as possible. He did an amazing job as usual, creating a beautiful background that perfectly portrays Besaid and the beginning of Tidus' and Yuna's relationship. That being said, I couldn't help but write lyrics about love, as sappy as they are. Thanks to The Prophet of Mephisto for adding reverb/production on the vocals. Enjoy!
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> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Yesterday, Gamestop and EB decided to take preorders on the Playstation 3. I booked it out of work early to make sure I was at the store in time to get a reserve. When I got there, there was a good 11 people in line ahead of me. The gentleman at the front of the line said he had arrived at 4:30 that morning. What boggles my mind was how long some people were willing to wait to preorder something that isn't even guaranteed 100% to them. At least I got my preorder in, with only a five minute wait before the store opened, followed by about 15 minutes queued up in the store.

But, enough of my adventure in retail-land. This week, we have a sole submission from DragonAvenger. This time, DragonAvenger brings us a lyrical take on the Besaid Island theme from Final Fantasy X. A very original piece, always impressive when original lyrics make their way to a remixed game tune.

That's all for now folks. Nothing in the inbox right now, so let's get to work and make some submissions happen for next week.

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