Valkyria Revolution  
Valkyria: Azure Revolution

The Valkyria Chronicles series returns with a new title set in a new world with a real-time battle system

· PS4
· Vita
· Xbox One

· Media.Vision

Sega Japan
Sega US
Sega Europe

  Release Date  
01.19.2017 Japan
06.27.2017 US
06.30.2017 Europe
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·Valkyria Revolution Out Now in North America 06.28.2017  
·Valkyria Revolution Receives Free DLC 06.23.2017  
·Valkyria Revolution Set for June 03.27.2017  
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·Valkyria Revolution Drops Three New Trailers 12.27.2016  
·Valkyria Revolution Shows the Rus Empire's Four Commanders 12.23.2016  
·Valkyria's Revolution Comes to North America, Europe 12.14.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution Shows Its Five Grave Sinners 12.13.2016  
·Sega Details Valkyria: Azure Revolution's Enemy Commanders 11.14.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution Introduces More Characters 11.01.2016  
·New Valkyria Demo Brings More Details 10.07.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution Comes to TGS 09.16.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution Heads to Vita 08.26.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution Introduces the Vanargand 02.16.2016  
·Valkyria: Azure Revolution's Battle System Detailed 01.23.2016  
·Valkyria Chronicles Undergoes Azure Revolution 11.19.2015  

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