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Valkyria: Azure Revolution's Battle System Detailed


Valkyria: Azure Revolution

New information concerning Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the latest instalment in Sega's Valkyria saga, has been made public. Apart from details concerning the game's setting, a new character, and a more in-depth look at the LeGION battle system, we've gotten an extended trailer, and two behind-the-scenes videos of composer Yasunori Mitsuda's work on the soundtrack.

The kingdom of Jutland, the game's setting and home of its main protagonist, has been embroiled in a war with the neighboring Rus Empire. At the heart of this conflict between Jutland, the Rus Empire, and several neighboring countries lies Ragnite, a mineral found to have valuable properties of imbuing soldiers with magical abilities.

While Jutland sends its warriors, including Amleth, the game's protagonist, and the princess Ophelia to the battlefield, the Rus Empire has sent them a worthy foe. Maxim, young general to Emperor Claudius, leads Rus' forces to battle. Having received Ragnite implants, Maxim possesses devastating magical talents that Jutland's heroes must face time and time again in battle.

The battle system itself — LeGION — has been further detailed. Battle missions (two of which will feature in the demo packed in with the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles Remaster) will be divided into three separate stages: briefing, combat, and result. The main combat phase is further split into distinct long-range ballistics and close-quarters fighting using melee and magic. Players' tactics during long-range combat, and whether they take advantage of enemy reactions — for instance a surprise attack causing enemies to lower their guard — will have an impact in how the close-range fracas plays out.

Permadeath is in effect should a unit fall in battle, unless it is "rescued" prior to its real-time countdown reaching zero. Should any units meet their maker in battle, they will be permanently removed from the game, as will any character-specific plot points.

Alongside this bounty of information, an extended trailer has been released, as well as two separate musical score "Making of" videos. In the first one, composer Yasunori Mitsuda works alongside the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra on the game's main theme song, "Aoki Kakumei"; the second sees Mitsuda-san collaborating with singer Sarah Àlainn on the in-game song "Eternal Rest".

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is scheduled to release in Japan sometime during winter of 2016. The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 with no news yet regarding a western release.

Aoki Kakumei  [ 3:05 ]

Eternal Rest  [ 6:18 ]

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