Dragon Age: Origins - News  
·Feature: Top Dragon Age: Origins Mods Part 2: Quests & Adventures 12.11.2010  
·Feature: Top Dragon Age: Origins Mods Part 1: Weapons & Armor 11.26.2010  
·Dragon Age Wraps Up in Ultimate Fashion 09.30.2010  
·The Witch Hunt Begins in Dragon Age: Origins 08.25.2010  
·Dragon Age: Origins Goes Golem in Upcoming DLC Addon 07.28.2010  
·New Dragon Age: Origins DLC Spawning Soon 05.07.2010  
·Dragon Age: Origins Expansion Announced 01.06.2010  
·Dragon Age: Origins Coming to Mac 12.15.2009  
·Return to Ostagar this Holiday Season in Dragon Age Origins 11.25.2009  
·Dragon Age: Origins No Longer Delayed for PS3 10.25.2009  
·Steam gets exclusive bonus item for Dragon Age Origins 10.19.2009  
·Dragon Age: Origins Pre-Release Blitz 10.19.2009  
·Dragon Age's Origin Pushed Back 08.08.2009  
·BioWare Releasing Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition 07.18.2009  
·Dragon Age: Origins PC System Requirements Released 06.18.2009  
·Dragon Age Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed 06.10.2009  
·Dragon Age Originating In October 05.29.2009  
·Dragon Age's Simple Approach to Copy Protection 05.04.2009  
·Dragon Age's Origins Revealed 02.13.2009  
·Dragon Age Origins Changes from Original Date 02.03.2009  
·Bioware To Show Newly Announced Games At E3 05.08.2004  
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