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Feature: Top Dragon Age: Origins Mods Part 1: Weapons & Armor


Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is one monster of a RPG taking as much as eighty hours to complete if you do everything the game has to offer. The game was released on the 360, PS3, and the PC. One of the highlights of the PC version is the various mods that are available. Welcome everyone to the first article of a three part series about the top mods for Dragon Age, anyone interested in the mods listed in this can find them on the nexus here. So, now without further ado let us begin.

Grey Warden Runic Armor

This is the creme-de-la-creme of all Dragon Age armor mods, it has been voted by players as the best many time over. It is a set of massive armor with a sword and shield to match, and a greatsword if you're into two-handed weapons. While it was made for warriors originally, it also has a version for arcane warriors for the mages out there.

Forgotten Equipment

This one of the first mods to be released for Dragon Age, and while it's not the best looking armor on this list it has remained popular since it's release, because surprisingly there are almost no simple black armors, and the others that do exist typically use the games light armor model, which is the least popular in the game. This armor set is meant for rogues, though is perfectly serviceable for warriors.

The Ivory Tower and Nightfall Bloom

The Ivory Tower is the first armor created by a now legendary designer among the Dragon Age modding community, Moonwing, it's a unique take on the Templar armor. Originally created for arcane warriors, through a little clever use of the <>Dragon Age toolset, it is used by warriors too, it yet remains one of the most beautiful and beloved sets available.

Wings of Velvet

Wings of Velvet is the second armor set created by Moonwing, this set featuring an owl motif, is geared towards a more standard mage. This staff and robe set possess endgame stats for those looking for a leg up in the early game. The owl, which is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, is the main feature of the robe. According to Moonwing the set represents the moon.

Legacy of Sundown

The third and final set created by Moonwing this set was meticulously crafted for use by rogues. This set has been voted his best by far for if ever there was a piece of art and beauty this is it. This is the sister set of Wings of Velvet, and while Wings of Velvet represents the moon, this set in contrast represents the sun.

Dragon Blood Mage

Have you ever played Dragon Age, and realized that there are no good robes for your awesome new blood mage, well fear no longer, because the modding community has an answer to your plight. Featuring the Dragon Blood Mage robe, this set just exudes class and begs you to do something evil in it.

Rapture's Witcher

This is the newest mod on this list, its goal is to import weapons and armor from The Witcher into Dragon Age. This mod is still in its alpha stage right now, with a major update planned for release soon. It has gained major popularity since its release and is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Well, that is it for Part 1, be sure to check in for Parts 2 and 3. Next week is all about the latest and greatest quest and adventure mods for Dragon Age.

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