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Feature: Top Dragon Age: Origins Mods Part 2: Quests & Adventures


Dragon Age Origins

Welcome to the second of three mod features for Dragon Age: Origins. Sorry for the absence of the feature last week, I took a short break to catch up on back episodes of Bleach. Moving on, this feature is all about the best quest and adventure mods. If you happened to miss the first of these three features, be sure to check it out here and once again so everyone knows all the mods found in this article can be found on the nexus here, just use the search function on the site and it will take you right to them. So, without further ado let's get the ball rolling.

Castle Cousland

For the first mod on my list, we return to Highever Castle. This one allows the player to kill all of Howe's guards and even murder his son Thomas, who he left in charge of the castle, but was never actually featured in the main game. This mod will be especially enjoyed by those who played the human noble origin, and wanted to inflict some more old school justice on the Howe family. When you complete the mod it allows you to use Highever as a base.

King Calenhad's Tomb

This mod is all about visiting the Tomb of King Calenhad, hence the title, it's a dungeon crawl experience that at the end rewards the you with the legendary King's arms and armor. It stems from the the Castle Cousland mod, so when you complete Castle Cousland an NPC will appear to inform you of this quest.

Temple of Vulak

"The Temple of Vulak" is the final mod in the series created by the maker of "Castle Cousland." Same as in the Calenhad quest, an NPC will appear after the completion of the first quest to inform you of the quest in Castle Cousland after its completion. "Vulak" is another dungeon crawl that awards you with strong weapons and armor, to suit your adventuring fancy.

Return to Korcari Wilds

"Return to Korcari Wilds" is exactly what the name implies, you and your band of merry misfits are returning to the wilds. After learning that survivors of the Battle of Ostagar are still there fighting the Darkspawn you decide to go and investigate. When you arrive you soon discover that it things aren't going so well going so well, meaning it's up to you to go in and save their behinds from certain death; cheery isn't it.

The Bloodworks

"The Bloodworks" is a story about a clandestine group of blood mages trying to gain acceptance into Ferelden society, and for that they need the help and influence of the top hero of the land, Alistair, oops, I mean you. This mod is unique in that it has a branching path to follow. You can either help the mages in their goal or you can be a zealot of the Chantry and bring them down.

Dragon Age Dark Times ACT 1

The final mod on this list seems to continue my trend of finishing these features that with a great mod that isn't finished yet. "Dark Times" may not be finished yet, but I have to say, it is shaping out to be the best of them all in terms of quality. It has a very dedicated team behind it, and this is the first mod in a series (though I'm not sure yet how many they're planning on making). Just to get you guys pumped, the team behind Dark Times went ahead and created a trailer for your pleasure.

That is all for this installment of "Top Dragon Age Mods", be sure to check out the final piece when I get around to writing it. The next feature should be next weekend, but don't quote me on that. Anyhow, the final piece will be about the most popular gameplay mods. Until then, have fun with Dragon Age.

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