Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - News
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
·E3: Info On Nintendo Newest Portable 05.11.2004  
·Nintendo and Square Enix Release a Game 02.09.2004  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Receives Warm Reception 08.13.2003  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle Shines Upon Japan 08.07.2003  
·Nintendo RPGs Get Domestic Release Dates 07.25.2003  
·Crystal Chronicles Gets Stateside Release Date 07.23.2003  
·Square Enix Maintains Final Fantasy Pop Tradition 07.12.2003  
·FFCC - Crystallized Battle Details 06.25.2003  
·Crystal Chronicles Gets Something Extra 06.21.2003  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Offers Character Customization, No Experience Required 06.13.2003  
·Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Delayed 06.02.2003  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles to Lack Notable Traditions 05.13.2003  
·Square-Enix Announces E3 Lineup 04.30.2003  
·Nintendo to Publish Three Square Enix Games 04.24.2003  
·Release of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Held Up 03.13.2003  
·Singing and Moogles for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 02.22.2003  
·Even More Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles News 12.21.2002  
·Clarifying Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle Details 12.17.2002  
·New Seiken Densetsu and Crystal Chronicles Information Revealed 12.15.2002  
·Square Hesitates with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle 11.25.2002  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle Connectivity Details Emerge 10.26.2002  
·Square Gets All Newsy 08.26.2002  
·Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle To Appear Soon 08.26.2002  
·Square's GBA Lineup Revealed 08.08.2002  
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