New Seiken Densetsu and Crystal Chronicles Information Revealed

Square recently revealed some new information regarding Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the new Seiken Densetsu GBA title through the popular Japanese game magazine V-JUMP.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube allows players to choose one of four main characters at the beginning of the game. The story will be different for each character. The remaining three characters will likely be available for multi-player.

The Game Boy Advance Seiken Densetsu will be called Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu in Japan; no English title has been named yet. Players will choose either a male or female character at the beginning of the game, similar to the PlayStation's Legend of Mana. Developer Brownie Brown has confirmed that the game will be an action RPG, following the tradition of the rest of the series.

Both games are scheduled for release in Japan near the beginning of the 2003 fiscal year, which starts next April. The titles have yet to be confirmed for release in North America.

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by Joseph Witham    
Sources: [RPGFan]

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