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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Square has finally officially revealed its upcoming GameCube action RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Information regarding the title's storyline, battle system, and Game Boy Advance link-up capabilities have been revealed through the Japanese publication V-JUMP and the recent game show JUMP Festa.

The story takes place in a world that was once covered in a fatal substance called the Death Vapor. This vapor can be countered by the power of the Crystals which are spread throughout the various towns of the world. However, the power of the Crystals is constantly waning and they are in constant need of the purifying essence of Mana Water. The water is hidden in many natural places, such as caves, mountainous regions, and oceans.

Thus begins the set-up of the game's plotline, in which players take on the role of one of four characters as they travel in Caravans with Mana Cages for protection against the Death Vapor. It is the Caravans' quest to restore the power of the crystals.

The battle system supports up to four players, whose stats and mini-map are displayed on a Game Boy Advance screen, and uses corresponding buttons to either attack, defend, or use a special skill. The characters' hit points are displayed as hearts. Magic Stones will be required to use spells in the game; these stones are represented by spheres floating above the characters' heads.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be released in Japan by the end of spring 2003. A North American release date has yet to be announced, but it is expected that the game will see an overseas release sometime in 2003.

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by Joseph Witham    
Sources: [IGN]

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