Clarifying Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle Details

As reported Sunday, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle will have a four player mode and different quests for each character. Further information has come to light on this situation. For one, the four character classes (which seem to double as races) in the game have been named; players will be able to choose from Yurk, Selky, Clovert, and Lilty. Yurk is an armour-clad warrior, while Lilti is a race of tropical animal people. Selky is a mysterious race, and Clovert a peaceful human race.

As announced before, four players can play at once, and Game Boy Advance units will be usable as status screens, showing both character stats and current position on the field map. Speaking of the map, FF:CC's world will be a return to Final Fantasy's roots; while details aren't too clear at the moment, the quest will take place in a pure fantasy world, with players striving to return the world's crystals to purity through the use of Mana Water. Unfortunately, Mana Water is extremely rare, and searching for it will be one of the major goals facing players.

GameCube owners will have a lot to look forward to in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, and should be getting ahold of the game before too long. Currently, it is slated for Japanese release next spring, and will arrive in North America sometime during 2003.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Games Are Fun]

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