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Nintendo and Square Enix Release a Game



Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles finds its way onto store shelves today. The occasion is notable as Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is the first Final Fantasy on a Nintendo console, in the United States, since 1994.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is the story of the Crystal Caravan, a troupe of adventures soughting after the Mirula Droplets, which are used to help the blessed crystal maintain its power and gleam. The adventurers travel a world of monsters and danger to seek out these droplets.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is featured as "the first multiplayer Final Fantasy game available on home consoles in the United States" as well as a real-time combat-based game. Up to four players may cooperate at once, and also the use of a Game Boy Advance as a controller is possible, such that players may be privvy to information that is not available without the Game Boy Advance controller. Nintendo promises the control of the game to be simplistic but will still contain a strategy of cooperating with fellow players. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was originally released in Japan during August of last year and received a swift localization to North America.

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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
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