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Round 4 END! 10.18.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
The Metallic Verge
Fermat's Last Theorem SaGa Frontier
Author's Notes

The main theme I used is "Devin," though some may find it unrecognizable due to the modifications I made but the pattern is the same. I also added some "Hero" as a contrasting second theme. I hope you like this arrangement though it's a bit hurried. I had to finish more than 60% of the piece in a day since I was busy arranging a vocal piece amongst other things. I hope it's... metallic enough.

Composed using Sibelius 4. Thee wonderful rendering is by Kouen, whom I sincerely thank for braving to tackle 18 different instruments.

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Virtuoso SaGa Frontier
Author's Notes

"For this round, I have chosen to remix Asellus's two-part theme, creating a large-scale piece full of contrasts portraying Asellus's inner conflict regarding her dual human and Mystical natures. Slow sections tinged with melancholy are juxtaposed with faster, more grandiose sections resembling Baroque toccatas, displaying a wide variety of sounds across the board. The ending is again something different.

Owing to the lack of a decent electric guitar synth, I imported three very different keyboard instrument synths for this remix, all of which are given their chance to shine someplace or other: the organ, the harpsichord (a twangy-sounding predecessor of the piano) and the celesta (a tinkly sounding instrument).

Once again, this remix is dedicated to Natalie, to whom I am truly grateful to for staying up with me during the sleepless nights I labored to finish this remix."

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Kain Vinosec Final Fantasy Legend I
Author's Notes

Essentially its my first entry into the Grand Audition and I wanna win really badly. That Resident Remixer title just screams to me. So I took an original Uematsu song and did, to the best of my abilities, what the Black Mages would've done (guitars, bass and organ were all recorded live by me, the drums were sequenced via MIDI and a soundfont). The only instrument I'm missing is the keyboard and I figured the organ filled that spot well enough. Adding keyboard would've made the song more... Peppy. The original song didn't have much to it and was kinda repetitive so I kept that in mind and just made it a bit more interesting here and there. Here's hoping I can impress a judge or three.

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Vote for Round 4!
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Hi everybody! We're back to the grind here at Sound Test. This week features the three entries of The Grand Audition: Round 4. Please vote for them by visiting the round 4 page. SaGa Noir was a tough round so listen to the work of these artists and vote for your favorite! This is a short update for now, good luck to those who entered. As you know, there is a panel of staff judges, and the reader scores. This round, the reader scores will count double, so be sure to vote.

That's it for now, see you next week.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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