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The Returners! 10.04.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
March of the Spooks
Virtuoso Ragnarök Online - Niflheim
Author's Notes

"This should be interesting - an MMORPG remix. It shouldn't take 10 seconds to realize the title is a misnomer - 'March of the Spooks' is actually a tango, albeit with some march-like character. It is a remix of the Niflheim theme from Ragnarok Online, and is scored for trombone, piano and strings."

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Well after a brief hiatus, Welcome Back! It only took two weeks but we have a new remix, so grab your ukulele, gather 'round the fire and let's go!

Virtuoso brings us an interesting tango march featuring an MMORPG theme. I'm not too familiar with the source, although I did play my share of Ragnarök. Regardless of my knowledge of the source, it's still a good download. Go for it.

We're only about 11 days away from the deadline for Round 4. It's important that you send your submissions in on time, and even more important that you enter! Please send me your submissions so we don't miss another week! Have a good one, and Happy Writing!

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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