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ULTRAAA 08.29.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
Tceles B Hsup (Talking Broom Blues)
Fermat's Last Theorem Final Fantasy - Matoya's Cave
Author's Notes

The theme from Matoya's cave with a brief introduction using the overworld theme. I immediately liked this tune the moment I heard it. So I took that quirky, three-part tune and did a combination theme and variations with some degree of improvisation, particularly in the middle. The theme is never presented explicitly but appears in a distinctly original form at several points throughout the length of the piece.
At 200 bpm, I tend to call this my "little ball of energy" as it maintains its... enthusiasm throughout most of its length. It was designed to make you tip your head from side to side while tapping your feet. I hope you enjoy my first "jazz" piece ever.
Composition done using Sibelius 4 and rendering by Kouen.

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Fight the Groove!
Virtuoso Final Fantasy - Battle Theme
Author's Notes

This round was a particular challenge for me because I've no knowledge whatsoever of jazz. Nevertheless, my submission for this round is a bebop(?) version of the first Final Fantasy's Battle Theme. (Listen out for two other melodies in the remix - both of which appear across the FF series.) The instrumentation is for 5-piece band (trumpet, alto sax, trombone(!), bass, and drum set), which I find gives a rather one-dimensional, but adequate, sound. The title is particularly fitting because I had to battle writer's block caused by a particularly traumatic breakup, a work schedule that was nothing short of hectic, and a computer system malfunction to get this in in time. Enjoy!

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Round 3 of The Grand Audition is over! I'm not going to talk much since I'll be doing enough of that during voting and next week's update. Go nuts and vote. Voting ends this Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 at 11:00 PDT.

Don't forget we have a streak we're trying to uphold. Until next week, Happy Writing.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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