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Violent 08.01.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
God's Birth
Kain Vinosec Final Fantasy VII - Birth of a God
Artist Comments

The work is essentially my own instrumental metal (The Black Mages, Dream Theater, Apocalyptica) version of Birth Of A God (with some One Winged Angel thrown in for effect). This was a request from a friend of mine and he seemed to really enjoy it so I thought I would try to spread it around and get some people to listen for outside opinions and what better place than my favorite RPG news source and info center?

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This update was supposed to go up yesterday, but an intense stomach bug struck me as I was writing it. With my insides battling, I'm in no mood for small talk, so right onto the music we'll go.

Kain Vinosec brings us a great arrangement of the classic "Birth of a God," and throws in a little "One Winged Angel" for good measure. Although his title is less than original, this remix certainly shows off Kain's talent for remixing, and compositional creativity. While Sound Test doesn't get too many submissions, which is a fact that the site is not necessarily proud of, we are proud of the talent and quality of each of our remixes. So thanks to Kain for a great mix, and keep 'em coming everybody.

I think its time for me to go lie down, but not without a quick reminder that the deadline for Round 3 of The Grand Audition is rapidly approaching. Let me also say, that I've had Michael 'Pianosquall' Gluck's debut album in my hand for about a week and a half now, and it's good. If you want your copy, be sure to check out the link for GAME in the right-hand sidebar. My review for the album is nearly finished and I can tell you know it's definitely worth it, be sure to check in next week for a full review.

That brings this week to a close; have a safe and healthy first week of August.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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