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Bonus 06.28.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
Fermat's Last Theorem Xenogears - Small Two of Pieces
Artist Comments: This is a pretty simple arrangement of a piece I really liked. I wasn't crazy about the lyrics, though... I used Sibelius 4 for the composition and the rendering was done by my friend Kouen. I hope you like it.
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Another Time, Another World
Fermat's Last Theorem Chrono Series - Assorted Tunes
Artist Comments: A parade of themes from two games close to my heart. I used Sibelius 4 for the composition and the rendering was done by Kouen. It's pretty long but I hope you don't get bored.
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Breath of the Ocean
Virtuoso Chrono Cross - Time's Scar
Artist Comments: A musical evocation, scored for solo piano, of scenes by the sea. The gentle ebb and flow of the waves against the beach at night. Villagers singing and dancing around a crackling fire amidst seaside huts, accompanied by the strumming of instruments. A light mist rises above the ocean at dawn; above it a fairy flits, gracefully, from cloud to cloud, looking down at the clear blue water below. Intoxicated, she falls through the mist, to be scooped up gently by the waves, breaking against the shore, sending spirals of vapor into the air which dance briefly with the waves, before vanishing into the sky high above.

Dedicated to Natalie, my friend and supporter, without whose help this work would not have taken shape.
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The Majestic Aura of Life
Alex Martinez Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time
Artist Comments: This has always been my one of my favorite Chrono Trigger songs since I was a kid. Coming from a more rock oriented background, you can hear some incorporated rock rhythms throughout the piece, but still flows very well. Enjoy!
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Talk it up on the Grand Audition Forum.

Today is an SBU, "Short Bonus Update". I had intended to let the contest submissions stew for a bit before releasing the descriptions so I wouldn't flood the index with Sound Test updates. As you know, Round 2 has come to an end and we have four very wonderful remixes. I'm a little dissappointed that more remixes did not make it into this round, especially with the simple theme and accessible instrumentation. Either way I'm glad to see submissions!

There are a few rules I'd like to clarify before Round 3 begins. First, You may only submit one entry per round with the exception of the final round, depending on whow many bids you received for the last round. I had been back and forth with this rule, but now I'm making it official. Also, for your entry to be deemed valid you must include a list of sources used within your mix. If you write a medley, I want them all! This is to help the readers who may not be familiar with your source, or may not be able to hear from what source you are arranging.

Voting ends Saturday, other than that I have nothing else for you. Have a great week.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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