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2:32 PM 07.24.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
Overture Variations
Patrick Waters Dragon Warrior - Overture
Artist Comments

I began planning and composing Overture Variations for wind quintet in September 2006, shortly after I enrolled in graduate school. With my education demanding more attention, I set the project aside until January 2007, garnering some recent revisions in June for improved voice leading. Heavily inspired by the works of Brahms, the variations cycle through disparate keys and styles of counterpoint.

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This past weekend was exhausting for me. I, like millions of fans, waited on Friday night for my personal copy of the last Harry Potter book. Not sleeping, I read through as much as I could until I was due at work the next morning. At work, I finished the last 200 pages. A very satisfying conclusion to a fun series. Anyway, this week's title is when I finished on Saturday.

Former Sound Test curator Patrick Waters returns to RPGamer with a new submission. Titled "Overture Variations," Patrick effortlessly weaves the melody throughout the instruments, and provides some interesting and refreshing changes to the source. Bravo to Patrick and welcome back to the Sound Test community.

The summer is wasting away week by week. Be sure to be working on your "8-bit Jazz" submission, and have a good one.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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