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Holiday Wrap Decemeber 20, 2006

Danimal Cannon
Dragon Quest IV - Saro's Vengeance
Artist's Notes: This song is from Dragon Quest 4 for the NES and it is the music playing when you fight Necrosaro, he doesn't have a specific theme heard in the game other than during this battle. The source material, despite the extremely odd rhythms is actually entirely in 4/4 meter.  That staccato grooving 4/4 is very similar to a lot of rhythms done by the band Meshuggah, so a lot of the arrangement is inspired by the sort of polyrhythms they do often.  Melodically the piece resembled a lot of King Crimson stuff with diminished and some whole tone scales also hinted at.  I expanded on that sort of idea with the whole tone breakdown in the middle and added in a 5/4 section during the solo where I was trying to emulate something King Crimson might do.  The source material was pretty challenging but I really loved how it fit those particular styles.
rock Competition Submission mp3
Final Fantasy X - Girl Scout of Bikanel
Artist's Notes: My entry into the Anthem of the Unsung contest provides some very belated coverage for Rikku's theme from Final Fantasy X.  Odds are she would never stop complaining about why people didn't cover her music so much no matter how many times she would plead for it.  Eventually I would cave into her arguments, work with the sweet melodies as provided by Nobuo Uematsu and provide a keys-driven mellow rendition that managed to calm her down.  The morale of this write-up is to never drink while brainstorming, because you might see people that are merely fiction in an entertainment medium like videogames. I hope you like what I did tho, and good luck to all contestants :)
Relaxing Competition Submission mp3
Terranigma - Deadly Duo
Artist's Notes: It is a heavy metal song written for two dueling bass/guitar/set bands plus one chimes player.  The melody follows the story of the two mercenaries, Royd and Fyda, who start out as enemies, become friends, and fall in love.  The game ends on them dying in the plane crash after fighting Beruga.  The song then picks up afterwards with the resurrection theme to show the two of them being reborn together.
rock Competition Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

If you were here last week, the items above might look familiar. And they should, as they are the contest entries for Anthem of the Unsung. Sadly, I did not receive any new ones after last week's update. But I can't blame anyone but myself for trying to host a contest at what may be the busiest time of the year. My mistake, live and learn.

While I don't have much to talk about as far as the submissions go, I do have some community news. My friend Ross Bemrose, who happens to be a former Sound Test Curator, is the webmaster over at VGMusic. If you haven't ever checked out that site, you should do yourself a favor and bookmark it, as it is a fantastic home for video game music from all genres. Ross informed me that yesterday, December 19th, was the 10th anniversary of the website, and to celebrate they are holding a giveaway. I would recommend everyone head over, as the prize is nothing to scoff at.

That's all for this week. I wish everyone the best of holidays, and be sure to stop by on Sunday sometime mid-day for the Anthem of the Unsung contest results!

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