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Bon Anniversaire November 29, 2006

Matthew Foster
Final Fantasy VI - Eternal Rachel
Artist's Notes: I listened to the original song constantly, as its one of my favorite pieces from the FF6 soundtrack, and transcribed the melody and harmony. Then I added a bass line and filled in from there. I took my sheet music and put it into Reason, and came out with this. I hope you enjoy it.
classical Classic Staff Submission (12/8/04) mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

Hey everyone, your curator has returned. Sorry for my disappearing act last week, seems the internet hookup down in my uncle's house in Florida was not as reliable as I had hoped. Hopefully everyone still caught the late update that Barieuph provided in my place and enjoyed their Thanksgiving as well.

Unfortunatly, it does seem that between people getting their remixes ready for the contest, as well as tryptophan overdosing, we are without fresh submissions this week. So, I decided that, since this week is my second year anniversary of starting here at RPGamer, I would post up my very first mix. It was a rather rudimentary attempt at remixing, and I really would like to go back one of these days and tighten it up, but during the semester I rarely have time to do much of anything.

So that is all for this week. Just over two weeks until the contest deadline for Anthem of the Unsung. I'm looking forward to seeing those remixes start coming in.

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