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Turkey Sonata November 23, 2006

Final Fantasy III - Deep Under the Water
Artist's Notes: In celebration of the release of FF3 DS, I thought I'd dig up this old goodie and release it to the wild for the first time. The orchestration admittedly isn't my best, but of interesting note is that I got to give a CD of this to Mr. Uematsu last year.
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> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

It's that turkey time again, and barieuph is here to wish you a fantastic Turkey Day for those of you that celebrate. In the wake of last week's contest announcement, we at Sound Test are here to satisfy your RPGaming music appetite this week until we begin to receive some contest submissions.

This week, we bring you only one new submission. Lontas brings us back to the 8-bit era with a remix from Final Fantasy III. The orchestration is top notch, and this is a definite listen, especially after the recent release of the Nintendo DS release. Give it a listen!

That's it for now; I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to check the new contest page before you go. Only a few more weeks until the submissions deadline, so get crackin'!

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