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Burning October 24, 2006

Chrono Cross - People Clinging to Life and Memories
Artist's Notes: I didn't have much of a roadmap when I started this remix of "People Seized With Life"... just that I wanted to try something slower and less heavy. Plus I decided that while there is a nearly endless supply of Chrono Trigger remixes, Chrono Cross goes relatively underappreciated, and I aimed to fix that! The middle section just kind of happened when I got to that point (you'll know what I mean when you hear it!) and near the end I found that a tune from Chrono Trigger worked quite nicely as a counterpoint to the main theme here.
classical General Submission mp3
Live A Live - Live For Live
Artist's Notes: Over the past month or so I've been getting into Live A Live, a rather overlooked Squaresoft RPG that didn't even make its way outside Japan. While opinions on the game itself are rather not meant to be placed here, Yoko Shimomura's game score was of great interest to me and I thought I'd take some time and make some MIDIs out of the soundtrack. For your enjoyment, you've got one of my finished products right here, being a transcription of the end credits music "Live For Live" (hence the title). I think this is one of my more complex MIDI submissions yet, what with lots of program changes, volume control and minor tempo work that seemed pretty mild in comparison in other works. Still, I hope you enjoy it, and if you haven't played the game, please do us a favor and track it down to play.
new age General Submission midi

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

I try to avoid talking about my Warcraft habit here, because that would be like admitting I have a problem. However, I can't help but mention my disappointment to see Blizzard pushing yet another title back. I guess I really should have expected it though. I should try to look on the upside of this. Maybe this will give me time to actually pass my senior seminar classes.

But on the bright side of things, we have two brand spanking new submissions for your aural pleasure this week. The first one is from Chronodin, who brings us a remix from Chrono Cross. A very satisfying take on "People Seized with Life," although I am a bit biased since I love the Chrono Cross soundtrack. Following that, we have the always busy Rexy chiming in with a nice tune from Live a Live, a sorely neglected SNES game. A very detailed MIDI, I really appreciate all the attention Rexy paid to the variety of instruments.

That's all for now folks. Let's see if we can have a steady 2-4 submissions every week from here to year's end. That is my goal for finishing up this year. Two months to go, let's see what we can do!

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