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Square Avalanche October 31, 2006

Final Fantasy V - Source of Knowledge
Artist's Notes: Well It's been a while.  This, contrary to my last submission which was totally orchestrated, is a remix of the library theme from FFV made in epic trance.  I made this remix for the People's Remix Competition that is run every two weeks at the boards, so if anyone wants to hear other stuff by me or other remixers you can drop by there sometime.
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Elliot Guisinger
Final Fantasy IV - Celtic Moon Review
Reviewer's Notes: Celtic Moon is one of the first successful game music arrangement albums.  What made it so successful?  Did it deserve these merits?  Here's one good way to find out.
Review Staff Soundtrack Review Review

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

So it seems that Square Enix has, for the month of November, conspired against the wallet's of gamers everywhere. Between picking up Children of Mana and Final Fantasy XII, and reserving the other FF games for the month, I'm rather drained. But I can't hold a grudge, since I love my Square games far too much.

And to commemorate the coming onslaught of Final Fantasies, we have two Final Fantasy submissions. First up is Sir_NutS with a Final Fantasy remix of the heavy trance variety. A big departure from that last piece I heard from Sir_NutS, but I enjoy it quite a bit. Following that up, we have staff soundtrack reviewer Elliot "Carlisle" Guisinger reviewing the Celtic Moon soundtrack from Final Fantasy IV.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for next week, and remember to keep the submissions coming!

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